If you have a sensitive or severe gag reflex, you may dread going to the dentist. The instruments that must be placed inside your mouth can cause an involuntary reaction that makes you gag or choke. This is a common issue, but one that can be managed with specialized dental care. At Smile Design Studios, we offer comfortable dental care for those with a severe gag reflex to ensure they receive the oral care they need for a healthy smile.

Everyone has a gag reflex, but for some people, this reflex is more sensitive. The body reacts to protect the airway from intrusion to prevent choking. Severe gag reflex can be a physical issue or caused by mental anxiety. Touching the back of the tongue, mouth, or throat entrance can cause gagging, which is disruptive to dental care and difficult for the patient. Our team at Smile Design Studios works with our patients with sensitive gag reflexes. We help to find a solution to make them feel comfortable while we care for their teeth and gums.

Controlling a Sensitive Gag Reflex

There are techniques that can help control a sensitive gag reflex. For some patients, just concentrating on something else can help them relax during dental treatments. We offer wireless headphones, free Wi-Fi, and Netflix shows to give our patients a distraction during dental care. If a patient has a severe gag reflex, sedation methods may be the best option to keep their mind and body relaxed while we perform their dental treatments. Both nitrous oxide and oral conscious sedation are available. These options can help those with severe gag reflexes stay calm and at ease during dental procedures.

Do not let a sensitive or severe gag reflex interfere with protecting your oral health. Our team at Smile Design Studios in Missouri City can offer solutions to help you remain calm and comfortable during dental treatments. Contact our office to schedule your next visit. Let us know if you suffer from a severe gag reflex so we can personalize a treatment plan for your needs.



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