Benefits of Implant Dentures

When it comes to replacing a full arch of missing teeth, dentures are the go-to solution. But not all dentures are the same. In fact, there are some key differences in how dentures can be secured into your mouth. Traditional dentures rest on your gums and rely on adhesive cream to hold them in place. Implant-supported dentures, however, are anchored into your jawbone using a set of dental implants. While you may view cost as the primary distinction between these two denture options, there are some valued advantages that can be gained with the higher price tag. Implant dentures, especially the more advanced All-on-4 dentures, offer remarkable benefits that influence your health, self-esteem and quality of life.

What are Implant-Supported Dentures?

Just as the name implies, implant dentures involve a full arch of replacement teeth (upper or lower denture) that is secured to dental implants. The dental implants will be surgically placed into your jawbone prior to attaching your denture. Implants include small titanium posts that are inserted into the jaw and fuse to the surrounding bone over time. This means you’ll have “artificial tooth roots” to anchor your denture firmly in place. The number of dental implants you need to support your denture varies from case to case. However, there are advanced options like All-on-4 implant dentures that use just 4 dental implants to support an entire arch of teeth. In many cases, the process can be complete in just one day!

What Are the Advantages of Implant Dentures Versus Traditional Dentures?

While traditional dentures have come a long way in terms of appearance and comfort, some patients still struggle to find confidence and stability. Ill-fitting dentures can be a hassle and a major threat to your health and quality of life. It is not uncommon for patients to experience gum irritations and sores from loose dentures or even avoid certain foods due to the fear of their dentures falling out. Dental implants solve these denture woes.

By anchoring your denture with dental implants, you can gain the following:

  • Better Comfort: Dentures that don’t slip and slide in your mouth means a more natural and comfortable feel for patients.
  • Improved Confidence: Don’t dismiss the value in a confident smile. With implant dentures, you can avoid the worry of denture slippage and be confident as you laugh, speak and eat.
  • Dietary Freedom: With implant dentures, you won’t have to eat a soft, high-carb diet and shy away from hard-to-chew foods. Your plate can include protein and fiber-rich vegetables that are vital to optimal health.
  • Less Bone Loss: When teeth go missing, the underlying bone naturally loses shape and density. Dental implants are the only way to prevent this since they can mimic the stimulation of a natural tooth root. Hence, you can avoid premature facial aging with implant dentures.
  • No Extra Maintenance: Finally, your implant denture care involves nothing more than what you would give your natural teeth. There are no special cleaning products, denture adhesive creams and frequent relines at your dentist to hassle your calendar. Simply maintain your routine oral hygiene at home and see your dentist as requested for regular checkups.

Ready to Learn More?

If you’d like to learn more about replacing your missing teeth with implant dentures or All-on-4 Implant Dentures, please give us a call at Smile Design Studios. We take pride in our ability to provide superior, patient-centered care in restorative dentistry.