Everything You Need To Know About Veneers


Thinking about getting a smile makeover with veneers( the pretty porcelain covering that is permanently bonded to your tooth to change the shape and color)? Check out Dr. Simone Ellis, Owner of Smile Design Studios answers to the top 5 FAQ’s that all patients should know about Veneers or Lumineers.

Why consider a Smile Makeover Veneers?

Everyone should feel confident when they look in the mirror but especially when they smile. Confidence is such an impactful part of our lives . Happier relationship, securing opportunities and jobs are all easier with a beautiful smile. If you are unhappy when you smile due to color, shape or position of teeth, Veneers are a great option. They are a small porcelain jacket the size of a contact lenses that gets bonded to your tooth.

How do I choose the dentist I want to work with?

Dentist are like the perfect pair of shoes…you want a great fit. In choosing your dentist you need to make sure they understand the results you want and can deliver your cosmetic expectations. Also ask to see the cosmetic dentist’s work to make sure they’re good and that you like their style. With my patients we ask a series of questions to make sure we specifically capture the patients needs and wants and are able to duplicate the results in their smile.

How many visit does it take to get my Smile Makeover?

Here at Smile Design Studios, it takes 2 to 3 visits to get your dream smile. On the first visit we sit down with the patient and design the smile of their dreams. We consult with pictures, take measurements and impressions to be able to communicate with the ceramist. The next visit is when the fun truly begins. With the newly design smile, we transfer our new design into the mouth with a trial smile. Our patients leave the office and get a chance to see how they look and feel with their new smile.  Once agreed upon by the patient and doctor, final impression of the new smile is taken and veneers are made out of beautiful porcelain. The last visit is for the seating of the veneers and pictures of a beautiful new smile.

Do I have to get my teeth shaved?

For veneers, when we prep the teeth (the word shaved seems so barbaric and aggressive to me), we usually only have to remove about .5 millimeters of your enamel away. To put it in perspective imagine roughing the surface of your nails to add the false nail. It’s usually less than that. Now there are some cases that need a little more prepping but most cases need minimal to no prep. Most dentist try to be a conservative with the design of a smile. One thing I pride myself on with my cases is making sure the teeth don’t look too bulky but natural. That also determines how much a dentist needs to remove in order to give the appearance of a natural smile.

How much does it cost?

Getting a smile makeover is an investment that you must take care of.  At Smile Design Studios, or veneers range from $550 a tooth to $1000. It truly depends on the desires and want of the client. By discussing those desires at the very beginning, we are able to fit what type of veneer works best for our patients. We also offer several different payment plan options so that you have an opportunity to get the Smile you deserve. Be sure to check out www.sdshouston.com or call Smile Design Studios, Family and Cosmetic dentistry at 281-969-7388. If you reference this article you will receive a free gift.  

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