Achieve a Better Smile with these Dentist Oral Health Tips

Maintaining healthy teeth and gums starts with good oral hygiene at home. In addition to daily brushing and flossing, it’s also critical to visit a dentist for a thorough cleaning at least every six months. Research suggests that the health of your mouth can have a direct correlation on your overall health. Oral exams can detect countless health issues, including poor nutrition, development problems, growth, and improper jaw alignment. Use these tips to achieve a healthier and better looking smile.  
  1. Brush and Floss Daily
Brush your teeth at least twice a day or preferably after every meal. Clean between your teeth with dental floss, or an inter-dental cleaner, at least once per day.  
  1. Visit a Missouri City Dentist
Schedule an appointment with your dentist at least twice a year for a cleaning and checkup. Regular visits to your dentist provide a solid foundation for maintaining your smile.  
  1. Ask for Sealants
Dental sealants can be used on both children and adults to help protect teeth. Sealants form a barrier that prevents bacteria from causing tooth decay.  
  1. Go Whiter
If you’re considering whitening your teeth, talk to your Missouri dentist first. Professional whitening is generally safer as your dentist can control the amount of chemicals used.  
  1. Control Your Health
People with certain diseases and medical conditions, such as diabetes, are at a higher risk of developing oral health problems. Visit your doctor and develop a plan to properly control your condition.  
  1. Get Veneers
If you wish to improve the look of your teeth, consider getting veneers. Veneers can be used on stained, crooked, injured, or badly shaped teeth.  
  1. Eat Healthy
Proper nutrition is a major part of maintaining the health of your teeth. Eat a balanced diet, limit the number of snacks you eat, and choose healthy foods over bad ones.  
  1. Make Arrangements
Many people skip going to the dentist because they are fearful of the procedures. If this is the case for you, consult with your dentist and they may be able to adapt the treatment to fit your individual needs.  
  1. Treat Your Halitosis
If you are suffering from halitosis, or bad breath, treatment is available. Ask your dentist to identify the condition and prepare a treatment plan to help eliminate it.  
  1. Get Sores Checked
If you have sores in your mouth that last a week or longer, have them examined. These mouth sores may indicate a symptom of a disease or other condition.  
  1. Quit Smoking
Smoking can wreak havoc on your teeth, staining them and contributing to decay. Quit tobacco use to lower your chances of numerous conditions, and to improve your oral health.  
  1. Opt for Fluoride
Fluoride has been proven to help reduce cavities in both children and adults. If there is no fluoride in your water supply, consider getting fluoride treatments from your dentist.  
  1. Use a Mouth Guard
If you participate in sports or other dangerous activities, consider wearing a mouth guard to protect your teeth. Mouth guards can prevent injuries to the face, jaw, tongue, and lips.  

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